The Franchise Show, London ExCeL, 20-21 febbraio 2015


gen 14, 2015

Si terrà il 20-21 febbraio 2015 al celebre polo ExCeL di Londra, il più importante salone del franchising del Regno Unito.
The Franchise Show è un salone della famiglia MFV Expositions, holding del network BeTheBoss

Testimonianza di Paul & Marion Lewis che dopo aver visitato The Franchise Show 2013, sono ora diventati franchisee di Equivalenza, una famosa franchise spagnola.

Paul & Marion Lewis made a decision in November 2012 that they wanted to become Franchisees. Three months later they came to our 2013 Franchise Exhibition to speak to Equivalenza, a Spanish brand which had caught Marion’s interest whilst on holiday in Costa Blanca. Attending the show was the easiest way to get the information they needed.

‘It was great to be able to meet face to face with a European company without having to travel outside the UK. But also the fact we made the effort to travel from Northern Ireland to a Franchise Exhibition in London still showed them we were serious about investing.’

‘The stand was easy to find and the exhibitors had plenty of time to give us all the information we needed from them. I would always advise being as prepared as possible, know who you want to speak to and have questions ready so you can get the most out of speaking face to face with the brands as it is a very useful opportunity. Think carefully about which brand will be most suitable for you in the current climate, make sure you know your financial situation in detail – find out the fees and charges etc. that you will have to put in to the business. Manage your expectations - ensure they are realistic.’
‘Finally - Relax. Don’t forget to enjoy the show, it’s easy to get caught up with everything you have to get done, but take time to appreciate the event.’

One year after the show and Paul and Marion are celebrating 6 months of successfully running Northern Ireland’s first Equivalenza franchise.
Paul re-visited the Exhibition in 2014 to announce and discuss the opening of their store and a second store in Northern Ireland.