Grande successo per la prima edizione di TheFranchiseShow, Londra


feb 13, 2009

Si è da poco concluso The Franchise Show, 6 -7 febbraio 2009, Londra. Pur essendo una prima edizione, l'evento ha fatto registrare un'affluenza di pubblico davvero notevole, nonostante le condizioni meteorologiche poco favorevoli.

Merito del successo va in gran parte riconosciuto agli organizzatori: MFV Expositions - casamadre del network BeTheBoss / e The Prysm Group, licenziatario per l'Inghilterra del portale BeTheBoss /, e gruppo affermato di eventi per le Start Up.

Clicca qui per maggiori info sul network MFV expositions / BeTheBoss

Testimonials di Franchisor e visitatori :

Garth Allison - Fast Signs "Very, very pleasantly surprised, booked for 2010 already."

Steve Bicknel - Oven Clean "For the first show it was very promising and other franchise show organisers should be on their guard"

Ian Wilson - Martin and Co "The show is exceeding our expectations - we have already booked for next year."

Revive - Terry Mullen - "There is a really good buzz around the show with a good quality and calibre of person, expect we will book for next year"

Mark - Global Travel "One of the best shows we have ever done, looking like we will book 2010"

Graeme Jones - NatWest "Really worthwhile, great feeling next year is a definite possibility"

Liz Kilford - Antal "Good quality leads - really good feeling from everyone, the people who battled the weather were serious and we foresee business resulting"

Eleanor Allum - ActionCOACH "One of the best shows ever, right place at the right time, genuinely serious people"

Ronan McCarthy

Managing Director

Spit N Polish

“Before the first day was complete we met investors and received inquiries from Greece, Turkey, France, Portugal and the United States along with fantastic prospects from right here in the UK. This show is an excellent opportunity to meet serious franchise buyers.”

Nicola Saunders

Kumon Education

“We were pleasantly surprised to be meeting with quite a few candidates who were joined by their spouses and are ready to make a decision about what concept is right for them. These are educated visitors asking the right questions and have narrowed their search. They’re familiar with our brand and are serious about starting their own business.”

Derek Chisnall

Commercial Director


“Great atmosphere, zippy show, brilliant layout. We were pleasantly surprised by the non-stop flow of qualified visitors.”

Gordon Patterson


“Quality prospects all day long. We’re delighted with The Franchise Show. The potential for future business is great.”

Roy Seaman

Managing Director

Franchise Development Services

“This if the best Franchise Show ever in the UK. The quality of the visitors is outstanding.”

Chris Gillam

Kyros Franchising; MBE (Mail Boxes Etc.)

“We had a good show. We took in over 100 enquiries which is more than we have had at a show for many years. We’re working hard on follow up conversations and hope to sell several units.”

Chris Haines

Show Visitor (John Hayes)

“Clear, concise and well put. The session runs at a very comfortable pace and I heard quite a bit of new information. The sessions really prepare you to do proper planning prior to purchasing a new business. The Franchise Show is a thumbs up.”

Evan Fraser

Show Attendee

“Fantastic show! So many great brands and new opportunities! I wish the seminar was a half-day instead of two hours. Great job!”

Enrico Catarinozzi

Show Attendee

“The seminar was worth way more than £25. The conference program offered a great overview delivered by true experts. Along with the many examples offered in the sessions, the conference gave me more confidence to make smart decisions as to how I’ll proceed. I had considered several businesses and after these sessions, I have an entirely new perspective. Now I know what questions to ask.”

Baron Divino

Show Attendee

“The seminar program was brilliant.”

Linda Camurato

Show Attendee

“Loved it! Well worth the £25. I got the practical advice I needed. I know the right questions to ask and received all the course materials to take home and review. It will make for easy follow up as I finalize my buying decision.”

Bruno Dragoje

Show Attendee “Future Franchisee”

“The session was very beneficial. I learned quite a bit of new information and found the advice quite practical. The speaker (John Hayes’s) experience is invaluable. He answered all my questions and I feel like I am off to a great start.”

Tony Foley

United Franchise Group

“Visitors to The Franchise Show are here for one reason – to buy a franchise. The quality of the prospects we’ve met is excellent. We spoke with two master franchisee candidates and collected hundreds of leads for our brands. When’s the next show? UFG will be back in 2010.”

John O’Brien

Show Visitor

“The seminars were very informative, the brands represented at the show were very good and I’ll be able to make an informed decision about which franchise, concept to buy.”

Norman Grossman


“This expo hall looks great. ExCel is a much better venue than Olympia. There was a steady flow of visitors all day and we met very serious buyers at our stand.”

Lui Franciosi

“My plan is to franchise my business. I found the educational seminars to be extremely informative. These speakers are true experts in franchising.”