ICSC 41a European Conference: 18-19 aprile 2016, Milano


dic 23, 2015


Celebrato per la sua superba maestria e radicata autenticità, ICSC è lieta di tenere la 41a European Conference a Milano, Italia.

La ICSC European Conference 2016 esplorerà quanto rilevante sia l'autenticità rispetto alla vendita al dettaglio.

We will celebrate authentic unique, local retail formats/retailers from across the globe, learning from the people and companies that helped create them. Destination appeal is a critical success factor for modern retail, and as stakeholders (cities, property owners, retailers) take this message to heart, the question now becomes how destinations can differentiate themselves from the competition. The answer very often lies in building on an authentic quality so strongly connected to the city/location/brand that it is extremely difficult to replicate. During the European Conference we will explore how leveraging authenticity can propel retail to greater heights. Milan is a great place for such a conference with it being home to many of Italy's major fashion houses' headquarters and a major destination for many international brands and shoppers alike. Where better to explore the role authenticity plays in retail than in Milan?

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