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Leggi l'intervista (in italiano) a Fabio Scocimara, direttore sviluppo internazionale di Visiting Angels

Who are we?

Visiting Angels was founded in 1998 by Larry Meigs and Jeffrey Johnson who established the franchise system on a unique model that grows the relationships between the caregivers, care recipients and family members. This franchise model services seniors real daily needs and is not an optional service.
Today Visiting Angels is one of the leaders in the industry with over 450 franchisees in the USA. The company operates as Visiting Angels in the US and as Senior Homecare By Angels or Visiting Home Care Services globally.

What do we do?

Visiting Angels is a non-medical care company specialized in personal care and assisting the elderly in activities of daily living to insure that they have independent where every they choose to live. These daily tasks range from meal preparation and light housekeeping to bathing and transportation.

International expansion plan

As our growth in the US has reached a certain level of maturity we are now looking to replicate our services and success in international markets.

How do we choose our international markets?

As the Visiting Angels concept is a service based franchise it is easier to export than most traditional concepts such as fast-food, retail and others. This is a significant advantage for the candidates as it does not require medical experience or import/export experience and reduces the operating costs dramatically.

Most countries have a need for the type of services we offer and we have done preliminary research based on Per capita income, population, retirement age, median age and other factors. Some of this preliminary information will be shared with you once we move further along in the selection process.

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What do we offer to our Master franchisees?

As a service based franchise our main asset is know-how. We will offer you all of the expertise and experience gathered in the past 2 decades saving you valuable time and resources that would be needed to accomplish it on your own. 
We have designed a training program second to none at our headquarters in Philadelphia (the Visiting Angels University), in country training, extranet access, ongoing support via webinars and annual conferences as well as access to all of the marketing materials.
There are very few companies in the world as prepared as we are to give you all the tools you need to be successful.

How do we approach international markets?

Our Master franchisee will need to open a minimum of 3 locations within a 12 Month time-frame. This is to show the growth and intention to make a mark. It also allows you the Master Franchisee to be able to take advantage of synergies a single location would not allow.

Once we have determined that your initial locations are successfully operating we will give you the right to expand by selling franchises or adding other corporate locations. 

We will jointly monitor the progress of the operation and make necessary adaptations and corrections to your market needs so that your future network of franchisees can invest in the concept with peace of mind.

How do we determine the right candidate?

As most companies our success is dependent on your success it becomes very important to us to make sure that we have the right partner in any given market. 
As an initial assessment the candidate must:

  • Have a successful track record in operating multiple offices or locations; as a Master Franchisee you will need to be able to work with multiple Visiting Angels offices around your region.
  • Fluent English: Although many members of our team speak other languages the initial training program is held out our offices in the US and you will receive extensive training by many member of our team who may not be familiar with your native language. We also have annual conferences as well as ongoing training and as a service based franchise communication is the most important aspect of our business.
  • Financial availability; The financial requirement may vary from country to country but is fundamental to ensure your success. It is not sufficient to have the availability to pay for the franchise fee you must also be able to have sufficient funds to run the business and your personal expenses for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Caring; Our business is driven by the need of helping others and you must have a genuine interest in wanting to care for others. Most if not all of our successful franchisees in the US have this trait and most who do not have failed.

Once we have mutually established that you meet these initial we move forward and should we mutually decide to move ahead you will be required to take an assessment test from a third party and our board of directors will make a final determination.

Why are we different?

Visiting Angels has close to a 16 year track record for success. We have been operating in the US which is the most competitive market in the world and are considered the leaders in the industry. 

We care about our clients, our franchisees, suppliers and partners and want to be known as an example for customer service.

In short we are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

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21 gen 2014

Fabio Scocimara | Visiting Angels

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